Dr Julien Subilia is happy to be General Secretary of the Swiss charity Aviation Sans Frontières Suisse (ASF-Switzerland).

ASF-Switzerland belongs to the ASF Family and was registered in January 2019 as a non-profit organisation with headquarters in the canton of Vaud.

Its aim is to put civil aviation, under all its forms, directly or indirectly at the service of humanitarian causes, at national and international levels.

ASF-Switzerland is governed by an Executive Committee gathering together highly-skilled professionnals in their fields (from health to aviation through law, finance and economics).

ASF-Switzerland has been granted the status of public utility entity as per decision from Vaud Tax Authority in May 2019. Donations are in principle tax deductible.

Like any humanitarian association, ASF operates thanks to the generosity of its donors. Help Aviation Sans Frontières to continue fly where others do not fly or no longer fly!

"When you give yourself, you receive more than you give."