J. SUBILIA AVIALEGAL LLC advises private and public clients from the medical field in general.

Doctors & health practitioners

Hospitals, clinics and medical centres

Faculties & academics


In the field of health and medical law, J. SUBILIA AVIALEGAL LLC provides its clients counsel or simple guidance regarding all sorts of issues arising in the medical law sphere, from relationships between and among doctors or health practitioners and their peers, with patients, with and between hospitals, clinics and medical centers in general. It advises health practitioners and deals with legal matters implying health authorities as well as medical devices.

Such legal matters can be related to licensing, disciplinary matters, professional liability, medical ethics, rights and duties of practitioners and patients, consent, privacy and access to medical records, at the exclusion of public health insurances (LAMAL).

On request, it also provides tailor-made courses covering a broad range of legal topics in relation with the medical law in general.